Size 27.5 is “The Next Big Thing”

June 3, 2015 - 1 minute read

We have just uploaded our latest products including this trending size 27.5″.

As cited on stated that 27.5 will be one of the most significant advancements we see in mountain biking 2015. This particular size which popularly known as “tweeners” are mountain bikes which use a wheel that is approximately 27.5 inches in diameter with the mountain bike tire installed. They are seen as a compromise between the two existing standards of the original 26 inch and recently emerged 29 inch mountain bike. They were pioneered by Kirk Pacenti in 2007.

According to SingleTracks survey results and infographic, MTB 27.5 will rule them all! It is considered as king of Mountain Bike in 2015, they are going to be even more popular than 29ers.

After talking about 27.5 for couple of years–will it, or won’t it take off–there are two trends emerging that lead us to the shocking conclusion that 27.5 will eventually take the largest share of the MTB market.

Check out our hottest items in XC Series 27.5 inch : Element xc600, Element xc200, Element xc900 & Element xc950


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